LeeAnn Shipowick


LeeAnn Shipowick’s natural and unique sense of design allows her to see her clients in their spaces. She then is able to formulate a plan that encompasses their office culture and who they want to be in their communities. LeeAnn’s design savvy shines wether it be a mini make-over or a complete overhaul of any commercial/corporate space or home. LeeAnn’s  customized use of  colour  and her sense of space will transform a look specific to her client’s needs. As a design and image consultant LeeAnn’s marketing expertise will ensure that her clients have a cohesive branding identity. She will develop a plan which will include your space, how you and your team present themselves, your marketing collateral, and website. She will create a dynamic and results focused business culture with you.


When you feel good about how you look, then the power within comes to push you towards your personal best. This process is for anyone who wants to develop or change their image, the way they see themselves, and how they want to be seen by others.

Your Business

When you are immersed in your own business you cannot see how other perceive it. Your space in your business is a reflection of who you are and how your community sees you.

Your Space

When you want to be your best, your space can either empower or distract you. Having a space that brings clarity, peace, and joy, will usher success in the other arenas of your life.

Define Yourself:

This is an image consultation. It defines/redefines your ideal-self, for those who are going through a transition, or are in need of a boost. To feel powerful and feel your best you must dress, and look the part, to feel the part. LeeAnn will outline and guide you through to a confident you.

Dare Yourself:

Your personal space will assist or distract you in your ability to be productive. Whether it be motivated by a transitional situation, your space needs to help you be happy, be focused, and to reflect the times you need to have new beginning.

Declare Yourself:

Space is important as it is reflection of what you want to attract. LeeAnn will assist you to have your space reflect your image, and attract the type of clients you want.