LeeAnn Shipowick

Coaching Teams:

LeeAnn’s unique skill, natural talents and insight allow her to be effective to inspire change. Working with LeeAnn, your team members will be inspired to be better, discovering their individual strengths and role within the team. Individuals will bring back insights and skills to the organization and return to the work place with renewed energy and improved synergy. LeeAnn believes that a productive workplace starts with understanding expectations, between the team and employers/company owners.

What’s Involved in Coaching?

        1. Initial Assesment & Observation – Meeting with business owners and decision makers to assess the organization and its teams, discuss challenges, and design a strategic plan.
        2. Ongoing Coaching Sessions – Follow-up visits to implement the strategic plan, which may include LeeAnn’s signature team workshops and seminars. We will evaluate progress and address new challenges, using custom team training and invidividual coaching.

Coaching Individuals:

LeeAnn holds the belief that we all can be better than we were yesterday, as life is full of twists and turns, sometimes we get stuck in a negative space, and we need a practical solution to move forward to our best selves once again.

Coaching is a practical, solution-based process. A coach is someone who “holds space” to allow the individual to understand, recognize, realize, and believe in what their best is again. Coaching the individual is not about their past and healing, that is a counselor’s or psychiatrist’s place. Coaching is for those who want to move quicker to a better space.

What type of coaching do you need?

        1. Executive Coaching – Directly related to your business or career and its success.
        2. Life Coaching – Shifting your life and mindset based on your goals and true desires.

Define and Redefine:

This is a combination of consulting, coaching, and mentoring.

This process is designed and developed for the individuals who need, want to move forward, and “turn the page” to the next chapter in whatever transition they may be going through. It is ideal for people who have experienced a break up or divorce and want to give themselves a makeover both physically and emotionally. LeeAnn walks them through practical solutions with regarding their individual needs. It may included a wardrobe make over, house make over making it yours again or the creating new space that says “You”. LeeAnn’s customized system will get you excited and help you move to better, better, and then to your own personal best.


This is meant for leadership and executive coaching, and is designed only for executives, CEOs, and owners of organizations. This is for those who want to break through personally or with their teams.

LeeAnn has helped business leaders break through to a new understanding of who they are to themselves, their businesses, and to their own circles. Her intuition and business background clears the way to a powerful, productive, space, ensuring her clients’ success and overall well being.


These processes and programs are designed for companies who want to focus on building strong teams. These programs and workshops are designed and can be customized for organizations that are progressive and seek to improve.

These events and workshops not only encourage teams to bring their best, but also provide team-awareness to grow and learn  about what their best is. They will have a new awareness of who they are as individuals, and how it impacts the whole organization.

Dental Coaching:

LeeAnn Shipowick is a motivator of people who excels in creating enthusiasm for dentistry. Her areas of expertise in dentistry include team communication, increasing case acceptance and creating income powerhouses in the dental hygiene departments, In addition to practice coaching and consulting, LeeAnn lectures internationally as well as across North America.

LeeAnn graduated from Loma Linda University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene with a Speech Communications emphasis. She began her career in private practice and community health as a dental hygienist and practice business manager. LeeAnn has also worked in public dental health, using her design and PR skills to create interactive presentations for schools. She also worked as the administrator of a large dental practice for many years in addition to consulting with other dental clinics to increase revenue and build their patient base.

LeeAnn is the author of many dental practice management articles for trade publications and is currently working on her first book for the dental practice. (To go to the articles) LeeAnn owned and was CEO of ADEI as she sold the Advanced Dental Education Institute in 2012 to Transitions Group North America.

She currently is an independent coach and consultant.

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  • The New Patient Experience

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