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“A coach is someone to hold you accountable for your life, to make sure you live up to your potential.”

– Thomas Leonard


In business or in your personal life what you see impacts the space of what you can become. It is a design process/makeover of your space and own look creating the image and power behind the visual.


The process of using language and words; the art of asking and how to get what you want. It includes Kolbe Team Success, seminars, team workshops and one-on-one coaching.

LeeAnn Shipowick • Inspire

LeeAnn’s natural intuitive gifts, enthusiasm for life, business experience/entrepreneur mind, and her genuine caring is what moves companies and individuals to success. She is able to inspire and produce results.

LeeAnn believes in being better than yesterday – the key to becoming your best. She recently became a Kolbe Certified Consultant, using Kolbe Wisdom to analyze the way people take purposeful action and provide strategies for improving individual and group performance.

Those who choose to “try it on”, rave about their experience with Inspire and renew their well-being and focus.  LeeAnn’s clients and audiences are led on the path to reaching their goals. LeeAnn has experience buying, building, growing, and then selling businesses (Advanced Dental Education Institute, Kelowna Dental Mission Clinic, and Pure Posh Design & Image Consulting), this expertise gives her insight and ability to assist her clients in reaching their goals.

“I was put on this planet to inspire, present hope in the possibilities. It gives me so much happiness, satisfaction, and pride to watch the growth and security of my clients  from awareness to practical solutions, so they can be on fire in their lives and businesses.”

How it works

We begin with a conversation to define the best programs or services to reach your goals.

Then, LeeAnn develops and customizes an outline so that you are able to see immediate results.

Whether it is a communication workshop, individual or team coaching seminar, we can design the training program that will take you to the next layer of your best.

  • Connect

    Email, Call, or Meet

  • Converse

    We will have a conversation to gain insight and understanding of “wants”/goals to carve a customized plan.

  • Commit

    Set dates and give deposit.

  • Commence

    Begin on your path to being better, and better, to get to your best.